mi-faser, microbiome - functional annotation of sequencing reads

is a super-fast and accurate method for annotation of molecular functionality
encoded in sequencing read data without the need for assembly or gene finding.

mi-faser service is temporarily down. We are relocating our services to a new home! Please use mi-faser standalone until we are ready.


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  • up to files at the same time
  • compressed upload possible
  • fasta/fastq format required
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  • if url does not directly reference a file, add filename manually using the format: <url>,<filename>
  • compressed archives or fasta/fastq format required
  • one SRA accession id per line
  • format: SRRxxxxxx, ERRxxxxxx, DRRxxxxxx
  • Quality control enabled per default (strongly recommended)
Note: Remote files have to be accessible without authentification.


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