Single, Batch and 2-lane submissions

  • Submissions can contain a single file or up to 100 files combined as Batch Submission
  • In case of paired-end formatted read files activate the Paired-end mode option

Run a NMDS analysis

Authenticated users can select datasets from completed submissions and perform a NMDS (non-metric multidimensional scaling) analysis

Step 1: select 100% status datasets from "My jobs" tab (visible when logged in)
Step 2: click on "Select Analyses": "NMDS"
Step 3: assign datasets to groups of interest
Step 4: run the analysis

Note: Search boxes which allow partial matching can be used to facilitate datasets selection.

Reference Databases

The gold standard (GS) database is the default mi-faser database. It includes 2810 reference proteins and 1257 experimentally annotated molecular functions (confirmed E.C. annotations).

The GS+ database is an expansion of the default GS database. It additional includes 55 manually curated protein sequences, introducing 28 new E.C.s that represent important microbial functions in the environment.

mi-faser standalone

Get the latest release of the mi-faser standalone version to run analyses locally.

mi-faser web service

  • 06/12/18 - new: extended reference database GS+
  • 04/22/18 - new: handle SRA accession ids
  • update: mi-faser v1.48