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How to run a query?
1) Go to
2) Enter the protein sequences on which you want to run a mebipred, this can be done by:
2.1) Pasting them on the text box area
2.2) Select a file, clicking the "Choose file" will open a file browser, which will allow to select a file.
For both methods, the sequences must be in FASTA format ( Click here for more information on the FASTA format)
3) Click on the "Upload" button. If everything went well, on the left side of the page, a table should appear, at this point you can enter your email if you want to receive the results ( but will also have a the option to open them trough a link)
4) Click on the 'Run' button, this will run mebipred on the uploaded sequences. Run button should dissapear and be replaced by text displaying the word 'Running'
5) The webpage is set to auto refresh every 1 minute and check on the status of the job, if the job has been completed a new button will appear on the actions column saying 'Results' clicking on it will display the result page.

How to use the result page?
Top of the page displays a pie chart depicting the number of predictions for each ion, if a sequence is predicted to bind multiple ions, each prediction is counted independently.
Below that there is a table where each row displays the predictions for one sequence, and each column the predictions for one ion.
It is posible to search the name of an entry by entering the text to search on the search box in the top right corner of the table.
Results can also be sorted by a certain ion, clicking on that column.