pEffect's data sets for development and evaluation

Data sets are based on Swiss-Prot release 2012_01:
Independent test sets:
  • UniProt'15 HVAL0 sequence unique sets of 51 type III effector (from after the UniProt 2014_02 release) and 691 non-effector proteins
    (from after the same release of Swiss-Prot)
  • UniProt'15 HVAL0 fully independent is the UniProt'15 HVAL0 set 10 type III effector and 390 non-effector proteins sequence homology reduced to
    pEffect's development data set
  • T3DB Full sequence redundant set of 218 type III effector and 831 non-effector proteins from the T3DB database
  • T3DB HVAL0 sequence unique set of 66 type III effector and 128 non-effector proteins from the T3DB database
Sequence fragments:
pEffect predictions for entire proteomes
pEffect: the prediction method

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